WhoSpunnit? Bitcoin Slots Game Murder Mystery

Game Play

WhoSpunnit Bitcoin Slots Game a realistically created murder mystery by Betsoft software provider.  Betsoft most probably drew its inspiration from the board game Cluedo when creating this exciting 3D video slot.  First of all a stately home called Wellington Manor is the central location where the murder mystery unfolds.  This is a 5 reel, 3 row and 30 pay line bitcoin slots game where players have the opportunity to spin their way to solving the murder.

whospunnit bitcoin slots game

With a classic who dunnit theme, Betsoft has created one of the most accomplished 3D video slots with ample winning opportunity that captivates a players imagination.  Mr. Wellington the host stands on the left side of the reels and watches the results, perhaps looking out for some clues.  A 5 minute timer is at the top center of the reels counting down to the detective mode.  All symbols are related to the central theme which includes: the feet of a dead body , the five characters under suspicion, an unlocked safe, a wall of photos/clues and a magnifying glass.  During bonus rounds 15 more symbols appears including Wild symbols.

whospunnit characters

The five character under suspicion are:  Miss Ellie, Dr. Van Austren, Mr. Wellington, Miss Eliza Rothsby Earlthon and Geoffries Chatam and Charles Convington.


Pay Out

All wins pays out from left to right and will be multiplied by the line bet.  WhoSpunnit bitcoin slots game pays out to the maximum of 320500 credits.

Extra Features

Furthermore five modes leads a player to solving this mystery and enhances winning opportunities:

  1. Collect clue spins
  2. Count down to detective mode
  3. Match 5 clues to level up
  4. Collect all 3 evidence clues
  5. Solve the murder

Extra features such as the achievement leader board contributes to the exciting game play.  Players have the opportunity to collect 3 achievements namely:

  • earn a badge when player discover who the murderer is;
  • earn a badge when player discover the murder weapon; and
  • earn a badge based on the number of cases the player has solved.

Bonus Features

Clue Collecting

In addition during game play a player will collect clue coins anywhere on the reels.  For each coin collected, a player will ear a scatter payout equal to their total bet PLUS  one free spin in the special clue collecting mode.  At the end of each 5 minutes segment of game play, players will be taken to the Clue Collection reels.  A unique set of reels with special symbols only found in this mode.  Changing bet settings during game play will reset the current progress.

whospunnit screenshot

The Clue Collection reels consists of 3 game play levels.   While in each level a unique set of symbols will be presented.  The 3 levels are the Murder Weapon, The Murder Location and the Culprit Clue.  Each winning combination of 3 or more symbols during Clue Collection reels will earn a player a credit win and points towards figuring out the weapon, location or killer.  Consequently the more symbols in the winning combination the more points towards solving the level.  Collect 5 Clue Points of any symbol to solve the level.

Bonus Round

Once players has solved all 3 levels of Clue Collection, they will unlock the ability to earn the Second Screen Bonus Round!  This bonus round only becomes available to hit once all 3 levels of Clue Collection have been completed.  To trigger the Second Screen Bonus Round, a player must get the Evidence Symbol on the center position of the center reel.  This area on the reels will be outlined with a special golden rim.  All spins from the completion of round 3 in Clue Collection, until the bonus is triggered, are free!  Once in the bonus feature, a player will select the accused murderer and interrogate them for bonus credit.  If 2 or more Evidence Symbols appear anywhere on the reels a scatter payout is also awarded  Scatter payouts is multiplied by TOTAL BET.

whospunnit gameplay

Free Spin Mode

When all 5 characters appear on the reels at the same time during timed game play, one character per reel, Free Spin Mode will trigger.  10 Free Spins will be awarded.  During Free Spins Mode players can choose any one of the 5 suspects, each offering a unique functionality during Free Spins Mode.

Verdict on WhoSpunnit bitcoin slots game

whospunnit betsoft software

WhoSpunnit  bitcoin slots game is probably one of the best Betsoft’s slots games in their current collection.  Easy to use this interface for mobile play, on Windows , iOS and Android devices.  WhoSpunnit bitcoin slots game will entertain players hours on end as the story line is both exciting and intriguing.  As a result winning opportunities are ample and magnified with all the extra features that this game offers.  Certainly one of my favorites right now.  WhoSpunnit bitcoin slots game now available to spin your way  to solving the murder mystery at NASCasino.  Play now!

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